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Paycheck loans have never been easier, like any financial action when borrowing and borrowing money, you need some care taken. At first, making payment planning is the first step. So before we give the tips for “getting a paycheck loan,” ask a few questions before making that decision.

Ask Yourself! Do you really need to incur more debt?
Do consignment loans right now solve your problems?
What type of line of credit do you need?
How do you intend to repay the loan? Because of debt, people end up getting even more indebted without really analyzing or looking at other forms of financing.

Sometimes workers, retirees or military personnel are placed in a very difficult situation where they can not receive credit or loan from traditional banks and financial institutions. If this happens, you may face a serious and compromising financial problem, however, the payroll is a discounted payroll loan, this type of credit are also known as quick loans that allow you to receive the amount as soon as the request is recorded, that is, in a few hours.

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Guaranteed approval payday loans same day can be obtained by virtually anyone who has access to payroll, ie salary, benefit or wages with a bank or correspondent.  go to and try for free. The application of interest rates is the lowest for this modality. Come on then, below we list several ways for you to get a payday loan consciously.

1. Search for more attractive interest rates;

2. Check the CET to know the cost of the loan;
Through the “CET – total effective cost”, you have to know how much to pay by the end and all the information related to the operation.

3. Read and clear the contract before signing;
Read the contract carefully, take out all your doubts, do not sign without being sure of what you are doing and ask for the copy of the contract filled with pen and signed.

4. Never lend your name to a third party loan application;
In general, relatives, friends, and children usually make this kind of request, be careful!

5. Check the amount released and what is stated in the term or contract;
The amount released in the account must be equal to the contractor, do not accept any difference in value.

6. Be careful when making a loan by phone or at home (Delivery);

7. Prefer to make the loan at the store or bank; Loan at the store or agency becomes easier to complain if something goes wrong. It is worth remembering that the “payroll deductible loan” is prohibited for retirees and pensioners of Social Security.

8. If you have repented of borrowing, you have up to 7 to 30 days to report giving up;

9. Check if you have a penalty for early discharge.

10. See if the contract guarantees discount on settlement or discharge;
Demand the proportional reduction of interest if you want to repay the loan or installment in advance.

11. Married sale? Do not accept insurance or products tied to the loan;

12. Signed the contract with the high rate, make credit portability;

Where to complain about the undue consigned loan?

If you made a consigned loan you felt harmed or had your rights violated claim in the consumer protection agencies. The Consumer Protection Code provides for a number of rights for its protection.

What are the interest rates on the payroll?

Consigned interest rates are generally lower, between 0.75 and 2.05%, so this should be a resource to be thought of in the first instance.

If you only have a little money or no money before the next payment, you can use this option, however, if you find that you have your financial life out of control, the suggestion is to seek a financial advisor to help you adjust your bills.

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