Must-Visit Destinations in Indonesia

Holidays are usually used by everyone to travel either with family or together with social media friends. Usually there are so many things that can be done while on vacation, especially when the children are free from study time and the parents are free from work time, which is where many things can be done together. If you are alone during the holidays, you don’t have to feel sad because you can’t travel with your family. Because vacations do not have to be with family, it can also be done alone or with friends, such as traveling which has become a hobby of many people. Every trip that is carried out usually in order to become an extraordinary trip requires very careful planning and preparation both in destination, lodging, accommodation, transportation and typical culinary places in the destination destination to be visited. Even though it seems very complicated and difficult, traveling that we often understand is going to a destination where it is an activity that is very fun for some people. Not only young people can travel, but currently people of all ages can travel because besides being a positive activity, traveling has also become a profession where when traveling, they still earn income which can also be called as a service to leave a souvenir. and culinary specialties from an area. In addition to a positive activity and can relieve stress and increase levels of happiness. Traveling can provide many benefits such as being able to add insight, add friends, and of course make the mind fresher. Some tips on tourist destination areas that can provide fresh thoughts and add insight.

Borobudur Temple – Yogyakarta City

The name of the Borobudur temple is certainly familiar to you. Borobudur Temple is said to be the largest Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia. In fact, it is also the largest in the world so that it is included in one of the 7 wonders in Indonesia, even UNESCO designated it as a world heritage site in 1991. Apart from being a cultural heritage in the world, Borobudur Temple is also one of the tourist attractions that attracts the attention of domestic tourists and also foreign. Borobudur Temple, a tourist spot located in Central Java, has an area of ​​123×123 square meters and consists of 10 levels. The building is composed of volcanic backs that form 504 statues, with 72 stupas and a large main stupa at the top. Uniquely, the blocks are arranged without using cement or adhesive. But this building looks like a giant lego arrangement. The walls of Borobudur Temple itself are decorated with around 1,460 relief panels with a length of 2 meters each and these relief panels tell about the level of Buddha’s life. The relief at the bottom of the temple is called “Kamadhatu” which tells about the bad behavior of humans who are filled with worldly lust and will make them go to hell. The relief in the middle is called “Rupadhatu”, it tells the story of humans who have been free from the lusts of the world, while the top relief is “Arupadhatu”. This relief represents the highest level of attainment at which the gods reside. Apart from the three reliefs, there is actually a buried relief panel at the bottom of the temple. According to historians, the buried relief is named “Karmawibhangga”. This is a relief that tells about the lowest level of humans. This relief describes the bad behavior of humans who follow their passions such as killing others, raping, gossiping. There is even a picture of a husband and wife relationship. The burial of the relief panels has two reasons, namely because the reliefs are considered impolite and because of the strengthening efforts to keep the temple upright. Borobudur Temple is said to be one of the greatest human masterpieces in history. Due to the composition of volcanic beams and relief carvings, which is a work of art that is unmatched in value. This tourist spot is also evidence of the advancement of ancient human civilization in the fields of architecture, technology and literary arts. During the Vesak celebration, Borobudur Temple is the center for the gathering of many Buddhists from various parts of the world such as Tibet and Thailand. This ritual is one of the tourist attractions here. The thing that tourists are most interested in is the peak event in the form of releasing lanterns into the sky. The lanterns will be released along with prayers and hopes for the next year.

Tana Toraja – South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja, which is located in the province of South Sulawesi, is indeed famous for one of the tours and has the most popular tourist attraction in Indonesia, and has extraordinary natural beauty starting from the rows of mountains and green hills. Apart from being rich in nature, this tourist spot in Indonesia is also rich in ancestral culture which is still preserved today, the typical culture of the Toraja tribe who inhabits mountainous areas with this indigenous Austronesian culture is still very much preserved. One of the ancient traditions that is still preserved today is Rambu Solo. Rambu Solo is a funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja. The Toraja people adhere to strict traditional beliefs, rules and rituals determined by their ancestors. Although they still adhere to strict traditional beliefs, rules and rituals, the majority of Toraja people today embrace Protestant or Catholic religions. Even though they have embraced their respective beliefs, they still practice their ancestral traditions and typical Tana Toraja ritual ceremonies because they are a tradition. and a rule and ritual which was strictly enforced and determined by their ancestors. The culture in Tana Toraja itself is not only Rambu Solo but there are many such as Londa Cave Cemetery, Batu Lemo Cemetery, Kambira Baby Cemetery. If you are planning to visit Tana Toraja, you can try the unique and different cultures they have, such as the Tongkonan traditional house and the funeral ceremonies that have been mentioned earlier. Tana Toraja is famous for its funeral rituals that are unique and different from funerals in general. Interestingly, you can’t just miss this Tana Toraja traditional funeral ceremony. Examples such as Rambu Solo which is the only most expensive funeral ceremony in Indonesia and possibly in the world. This ceremony is carried out for days at a cost that is not small. One of the rituals carried out is by slaughtering a buffalo and this buffalo is not enough. Because the higher the caste of the person who dies, the more buffalo will be sacrificed. The people of Tana Toraja believe that as long as they have not been buried, the person who died is someone who is sick so that his body was deliberately injected with formalin so that it does not rot while waiting for the family to hold Rambu Solo. Even though the person who has died is considered only in a sick condition, the family still treats him like a living person, and invites him to chat and joke.

If Rambu Solo ‘has been done, then the family will believe the person has died. If Rambu Solo is still less challenging for those of you who like things like that, try visiting Londa or a Tana Toraja style hanging grave. Where this place is a typical burial place in Tana Toraja and here, you can find many coffins hanging in a cave on a steep cliff.

Bunaken Marine Park – Manado City

For those of you who like diving or snorkeling, the following destinations are mandatory for you to visit, namely the Bunaken Marine Park which is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia and was again designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2005. This is due to its wealth and wealth. The extraordinary diversity of marine life ranging from coral reefs, seaweed to the diversity of fish species in the sea. This place is a tourist spot in Indonesia which has more than 30 dive points which are a favorite of many domestic and foreign divers. In addition to diving and having direct contact with the various species of fish that are here, you can also dive with the submarine that has been provided and enjoy the underwater view of the Bunaken marine park without being exposed to water and getting wet because the submarine walls have transparent glass to see and make it easier for you to enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of underwater biota.

Bali City With Various Beaches

If you like the beach, it’s not wrong if you come to the island of the Gods in Indonesia, what else if it’s not Bali. Who doesn’t know Bali? In Bali itself, it is very difficult to choose what tourist attractions are the most attractive in Bali, because almost all corners of Bali are extraordinary tourist attractions. If you like visiting tourist attractions in Bali because it has a lot of natural beauty that is very beautiful starting from the row of beaches, the atmosphere of the mountains to the sacred place, namely the temple guaranteed not enough just a week here. But don’t worry because of the many interesting tourist attractions, there are some of the most popular places in the ears of tourists, of course Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Seminyak Beach, Tanah Lot Temple and rural atmosphere such as Ubud, Lovina, Seririt and many more villages- a very beautiful and beautiful village to visit. Bali provides evidence that in order to attract international attention, culture and distinctive values ​​that have been well preserved for a long time do not need to be sacrificed. By remaining faithful in maintaining its culture, Bali actually invites many tourists from foreign countries to come. Here, you will also find a large group of tourists from various other countries who are enjoying Balinese art and cultural performances.

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