Recommendations The Most Beautiful Natural Scenery In The World

Nature always has infinite beauty. In fact, there may still be various kinds of natural beauty that have not been discovered by humans. Believe it or not, when a human being enjoys natural scenery, it can extend human life. Do you have a dream to visit a place with a very beautiful view? Do you not even have the inspiration where to go? Here are some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world Pincushionbb version.

The Most Beautiful Aurora in Reykjavik, Iceland

Do you know aurora? Aurora is a natural phenomenon that produces colorful light reflections in the sky, precisely in the ionosphere layer due to interactions between the planet’s magnetic fields reflected by the sun. This view can only be enjoyed by two regions, namely Iceland and Norway. If you want to see in person you have to both countries. We can see, from the photo alone it looks beautiful, but people who have seen it directly look more beautiful and will feel amazed as well as calm the heart. This is really suitable, for those of you who want to be refreshed and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Zhangjiajie, Tiongkok

Have you ever watched the Avatar movie? You will feel like entering the world of avatars when you visit this place. The view of the plains in the form of high rocks and ornate trees on the cliffs is very similar to the location of the Avatar movie.

Namib Desert, South Africa

Seeing water with waves may be familiar at sea, but what happens when you see a combination of sand waves and water crossing each other? This step view can only be found in the Namib Desert, South Africa. Unique isn’t it?

Troll’s Tongue River, Norway

Troll’s Tongue, a name inspired by rocks shaped like a sticking out tongue, is also the best option for refreshing seeing the natural scenery. This stone is on top of a mountain and is right above a river flanked by two mountains. The clear water and the combination of mountains with plants can spoil your eyes.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The beauty of the Grand Canyon has been recognized by the whole world. The combination of orange-colored hills accompanied by rivers flanked by hills is very beautiful to look at from afar or when we are in the river.

Melissani Cave, Greece

The scenery on this one is also almost similar to the grand canyon, but different. If we look more clearly, this place is actually similar to Labuan Bajo. Have you ever been to this place but the Indonesian version?

Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the countries in Asia that has no less beautiful scenery. You can ride a hot air balloon while seeing the view of the surrounding wilderness. In 2015 there was a couple who did a wedding proposal in this place.

Sunrise, Mount Bromo

Sunrise at Mount Bromo is very famous for its beauty. To get to the top of Bromo is also easy, you don’t need to climb a mountain like other mountains. You can choose two options to reach the mountain, namely by Jeep or by Horse.

Raja Ampat, Papua

For Raja Ampat, its beauty is well known throughout the world. Even this place can be said as the mascot of Indonesia in the world of tourism. To get to this place, you have to go to Sorong City first and cross using a ferry or using a dragonfly plane which is used by local residents.

So, those are some natural attractions that you can enjoy if you want to refresh. Tired of daily activities definitely need refreshing right? Come on, pack your things and start your journey.

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